Full Moon in Pisces

A chapter of great anguish is coming to a close. The opportunity for beneficial change is at hand but things will continue to fluctuate between extremes until we learn to direct our will rightly. For far too long we have been settling for the illusion of safety that comes at the expense of our deeper soul’s calling. We can no longer sacrifice the sacred on the alter of limited security. It is not enough to play it safe, we must identify the true intention of our lives and move towards it with conviction. By learning to cultivate a sense of balance, we can bring about a desired outcome. The key is to remain unwavering in our vision for the future and not let self-doubt dissuade us. That which you are seeking is also seeking you. Patience is necessary, when bringing something to full fruition. Don’t quit before the miracle happens. Blessings to you all!



Erin K. Smith

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