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The Local Rose

Here is  an interview I did with Shiva Rose on January 28th 2014.

"Once in a while even the wisest amongst us needs a little boost. To know we are on the right path, or that a breakthrough is around the corner. Lovely Erin Smith is not just a reader of the tarot, but also a pure light being who can channel her sweet energy towards the reading to make it beneficial in many ways."

Woo Knew?

Here is an interview I did with Samantha Williams and Ellen Wong for their podcast Woo Knew.

"Erin K. Smith, the woman behind LA-based Vardo Tarot, embodies the bridge between spirituality and modern therapy as she is actively working towards obtaining a Masters degree in psychology. We were excited to hear her perspective in how the two worlds can come together and work symbiotically to help us all receive the healing we need.


Almanac of Style

Here is an interview I did with Almanac of Style in Autumn of 2017.

"All my life, I never understood why some people felt the need to have regular sessions with a reader. Until I met Erin K. Smith of Vardo Tarot. After a life-changing session that started me on a path of deep self-healing, I can honestly say that the insight and wisdom she’s imparted has been priceless."

Down With the Dharma

Here is a talk I gave on divination for the Association of Buddhist Care and Counseling.


"We can predict the future, when we know how the present moment evolved from the past."

-Carl G. Jung


Altadena Public Library

This was a talk I gave on the history and practice of Tarot for the Altadena Public Library. 

"Erin is a notable reader in our area of Los Angeles, and probably all across the city. She has a mobile van called the Vardo" 

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